Things You Should Know Before Hiring Movers in Milwaukee

Posted on: June 16, 2017 | by: Advantage June 16, 2017

There is no question that moving is difficult. You feel overwhelmed with all of the things that you need to do and because you want to find the best moving company. With so many movers in Milwaukee, that decision alone is often tough. Fortunately, you can make the hiring process less complicated with a little bit of knowledge.

Type of Mover

Because there are different types of moves, you need to start by determining what your move entails. That way, you can focus in on the right moving companies. Movers in Milwaukee are broken down into three categories.


  1. Local Movers – If you plan to move a short distance from your existing home, usually less than 100 miles, then you need to look at local moving companies.
  1. Intrastate Movers – As the name implies, these movers handle moves within the same state but usually further than 100 miles.
  1. Long-Distance Movers – Along with moves beyond 100 miles, these movers deal with moves involving other states.


After determining the type of moving company that you need to hire, you want to start conducting research. Preferably, identify at least three to four movers with top ratings. As part of this, check out the history, types of services, reputation, experience, and pricing of those Milwaukee movers. As you make comparisons, one should stand out as being the right fit for your specific needs.

Asking Questions

The one mistake that many people make when hiring a moving company is not asking enough questions. Instead of assuming anything, you need answers, proof, and a way to verify the information provided to you. For example, you need to ask moving companies of interest if they are licensed. Even if they provide you with a copy of the policy, it is your right and responsibility to contact the provider to verify that the insurance is in good standing and that it covers what it says it does.


Something else important for you to know is how the different movers in Milwaukee handle estimates. When conducting a phone interview with the companies that you like best, ask about the process. The goal is to choose a company that will send a representative to your home to conduct an assessment, whether they volunteer or you request one. That way, you get a fair and honest written estimate on which to base your hiring decision.

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